iPad Air 2

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Ipad air 2

Back to the Future

Thinner and lighter than ipad air (6.1mm thin) the iPad Air 2 is a marvel or slimness and futuristic build. The rounded sides keep the device looking ever thinner, and the champfort edges add a seamless look to the luxury tablet. Apple has removed the mute switch in this iteration, favouring a software option in the device settings, which adds to the sleek minimalist appearance of the outside at the cost of being able to silence the device instantly.

Mind the Gap

The display is the same gloriously sharp retina display on the previous model, but is now fully laminated to reduce the gap between the glass and the IPS panel display. This has the effect of reducing glare, and the pixels seem to sit on top of the glass.

A Smooth and Powerful Ride

Inside the impossibly thin exterior is a powerhouse A8x processor with three cores, and 2GB of RAM to make app-switching faster, and although the tablet still lacks many of the multitasking features of its Android competitors, the interface remains flawlessly smooth as a result.


The camera has also been upgraded to the same hardware as the iPhone 5, with an 8 megapixel camera, which is excellent for capturing documents and quick photos and videos, if you can tolerate the odd looks that taking photos with a tablet incurs.

Only the Best

Befittingly, our line of premium vintage leather cases for iPad Air 2 offer a multiposition stand, document holder and all-ports accessible design that affords the privacy of a folio and the features beneficial to discerning mobile elite.