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Content Title: iPhone SE page

Technophiles around the world were a little caught out with Apple's March 2016 annoucement.  With this new 4" iPhone, they are openiing themselves back up to a new consumer market most critics thought Apple had left behind.  Since the 6 have been scaling up the size of the handeset, but it seems that the smaller screen size and functionality that comes with it are still in serious demand.



What can you expect?


Essentially they have taken all the cool technology we'd been introuduced to by the 6 and jammed and condensed it into a handeset the size of the iPhone 5s.  Due in shops March 31st 2016, this smaller version will still be packing a punch.  If you pre-order your iP SE on 24th March you'll be one of the first who can expect to have all this crammed into your handset: A9 chipset, 12‑megapixel camera, 4K videos, a FaceTime HD camera with Retina Flash, Touch ID, Apple Pay & of course iOS 9