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iPhone 6

It's here

The latest iPhone is here, and no doubt many will appreciate the latest innovative portal to your business and social life from Cupertino. With a new higher resolution 4.7in screen than the 5s, we were delighted to see only a minor increase in physical size, a decrease in device thickness (albeit less than a millimetre, so you'll have to break out the calipers to show off that particular feature), and a slight pixel boost from 300 to 326ppi.


Not quite 1080p, but on a phone this size we had to hold the phone pretty close to notice the difference. The most noticeable difference is obviously the redesign of the phone chassis, now made of smoothly brushed aluminum, leaving behind the more industrial steel of the previous three.

Slick Device

As you would expect, the phone is quite pleasant to hold, although we found the aluminium surface slipped quite easily from the hand, requiring a bit more care. The protruding, counter-intuitively, the raised and rounded edge glass is reminiscent of Samsung's phones, and although we prefer the feeling when edge-swiping, it does leave the screen completely exposed to impact when dropped.

Attention to Detail

Clearly when you buy a luxury device of the elegance and simplicity of Apple smartphones, you want a case that is crafted with the same attention to detail. Our new Alston Craig cases feature a new ultra-thin shell designed to fit the curves of the iPhone 6 perfectly, so no space is wasted, and the device is protected at all times. Add to that the classic styling of AC signature stripe materials, in a vintage leather folio with storage pockets for your cards and bank notes and you have an all-around perfect combination.