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iPhone 6 / 6s Plus

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iPhone 6 Plus

After Apple's previous campaigns touting the one-handed usability of the iPhone, we could be forgiven for thinking the rumours of a phablet-sized iPhone were mere speculation. Our in-house designer has long been a proponent of larger screen Phones, however, and it's easy to see why.

Sizeable Difference

After the initial size-shock, the merits of a larger screen become apparent. Going back to the iPhone 6 indeed felt a tinge claustrophobic (though still notably more useful for one-handed operation). In the end, it's clearly going to be a matter of preference, and we are of course happy to see a luxury plus-size iPhone on the market, questioning the plastic construction of Samsung phablets, and giving the competition something to shoot for in terms of build-quality.

Pixel Perfect

Apple seems to have given this several reasons to choose the 6 Plus over the 6 as well, including a full HD resolution 1080 x 1920 screen at an astoundingly detailed 401ppi (iPhone 6 is still 326ppi). Comparing the two side-by side the Plus just that much sharper. The 6 Plus is also a hair (and we do mean hair) thicker than the 6 at 7.1mm vs 6.5mm.