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When can you buy it?


It may not be set for release until much later this year, but the 7 is already causing a stir online. The device is expected to be unveiled in September, and some experts are predicting a precise date of Tuesday 13 September.


What can you expect?


Apple keeps its tech a closely guarded secret during the development process, but this hasn’t stopped rumours circulating as to the new device’s appearance and features. It’s thought that the iP 7, which is set to be the company’s best yet, will look markedly different to its predecessors and it may have a larger screen size and screen-to-body ratio.


You can expect the typical performance upgrades and the phone will come with iOS 10, which is due to be unveiled in June this year. There have also been predictions of everything from innovative waterproofing solutions to electronic SIM cards and glasses-free 3D displays, but you will have to wait until the phone is officially released to get the precise specifications.


Choose from our range of stylish cases


Our iPhone 7 leather cases will be designed to fit the curves of the new device perfectly, meaning that no space will be wasted. Both our wallet and flip-style cases feature screen protectors and an attractive striped interior. In addition, our wallets come with a removable magnetic shell with RFID blocking technology, cash and card pockets and magnetic buckles. If you’re after a completely unique case, you also have the option of getting a personalised design engraved with a message of your choosing.


You might not be able to get your hands on the eagerly anticipated iPhone 7 just yet, but you can peruse our website to get inspiration for your device cover. If you’d like more information about any of our premium leather cases, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team.