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iPhone XR2

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Apple iPhone XR2

September 2019, is the date we’re all waiting to hear more about. The fall of 2019 should bring us the next release in the iPhone family, which we expect to the Apple iPhone XR2. It seems this year Tim Cook and the gang at Apple have decided to focus on cameras and optics for some time now Apple’s iPhone cameras have been falling short against the competition and it seems now is the time for Apple to remedy that. At this stage we don’t know whether Apple users will love or hate the new camera humped design, but we’re confident that they’ll love the result they get from the new tech packed inside. We’d also expect Apple to give users a big battery boost, which always proves popular, as who doesn’t want a longer lasting phone, however we’re also hearing the very real possibility. that the company will abandon its class-leading 3D Touch technology this year, reverting itself back to the same level of the iPhone 6S.

We’re expecting to see a new surge of iPhone users this autumn with the news that the latest iOS 13 will not support previous iPhone such as; iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. So if this is you, it might be time for an upgrade to the XR2 in September 2019. Once you’ve ordered your lovely new iPhone XR2, it’s important to decide how you’ll keep it safe, in a Tuff-luv case of course!

We’ve got a great range of compatible accessories, Armour cases, Vintage leather wallets, toughened glass screen protectors, everything you need to ensure the best protection. If you do decide to pick the very best Genuine Leather, then you can always add a Lazer engraving to your case, add a message, contact details, anything you want. It’s the perfect gift idea for a vintage genuine leather case that will probably outlast the phone.