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Samsung S5

Samsung returns with another flagship contender for top smartphone. While build-quality has taken a back-seat to design convention, most would agree that this is not a cheap-looking phone.

Plastic, But not Plasticy

The sides, made of faux-metal finished plastic does rather well as a facade, offering both lightness and elastic protection to absorb impact. Indeed, some may lament the slightly larger bezel area but this too, adds protection to the expensive Super AMOLED display, which is famous for its stark blacks and colours that pop, adding a stunning assortment of bright reds and greens that pop in off-the-cuff presentations. Indeed, with the luxury screen real-estate of the 5.1in 432ppi screen, you get a pocketable 1080p viewing experience.

Swingin' in the Rain

Following recent changes in design language, a recent app button replaces menu button, making the process of switching applications much less cumbersome. The port cover on the base may seem like added cruft, however the ip67 waterproof certification assuages misgivings with usability even in water. Which may prove useful occasionally for capturing underwater adventure shots, and an extra bit of insurance against mishaps at poolside functions.

Getting a Grip

While some may bemoan the dotted texture backing instead of the recently adopted faux leather of the Galaxy Note series phones, we found it both modern, and pleasant to the touch, with an added grip that you will not find in metal of glass backed phones of a more premium build. The phone also features the ability to use the touch-screen with your standard leather gloves, and an Airview feature which performs like a hovering mouse cursor though using only a finger poised above the screen surface.

A Wealth of Power

Like all premium phones, the Galaxy S5 is no slouch with a 2.5ghz Snapdragon processor, and a few gigs of RAM to keep things smooth and seamless.

Got it Covered

Even if one isn't particularly keen on Samsung's love-affair with high-quality plastic, most will appreciate how this phone looks in a genuine vintage leather Alston Craig case, with a snug-fit moulded shell to put that extra bit of quality to the powerhouse flagship S5.