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Samsung S6

When the new S6 came out we were excited to see what Samsung would offer up to compete with new flagship phones from HTC, Apple, and LG. We were not at all surprised that having borrowed the thumb-print scanner/home button convention in Apple's much acclaimed iPhone 5, they were able to make a better copy of it this time around, such that it is no longer necessary to swipe, and requires only a touch. Yes, we are aware that other phone manufacturers had thumbprint scanners before, but we're talking successful thumb print scanners, of which the iPhone's is the first, and on luxury smart phones we compare best to best.

A Better Copy

With a brand new (albeit mostly copied) design, they have upped their build-quality in the S6 opting for metal and glass taking a cue from Apple and removed the replaceable battery cover on the back, opting for a plate of glass and better battery life.

Rich in Colour and Life

As usual, the Super AMOLED screen is utilised to reduce battery drain, including the now famous "Ultra Power Saving Mode" that extends standby battery life, to *weeks* on a full charge, and days on as little as 15%. You'll sacrifice background data sync and colour for that extra boost in battery life, but it's hard to be picky when the essentials work at a point where you would be frantically searching for a mains charger with most other smartphones. The S6 can turn off the RGB channels, and leave white active, which effectively turns off 75% of the screen.

Powerful Pictures

The camera has been upgraded substantially, with a marked decrease in autofocus time that might correspond to the power boost given by Samsung's 8-core 2.1Ghz processor, which outclasses many ultraportable laptops.

Smooth Operator

With this phone you get an iPhone-like smooth experience without sacrificing your widgets or the advanced functionality that comes as standard on Android, and Touch-Wiz is looking sharper and faster than ever running Android L.