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S6 Edge

The S6 Edge is perhaps the lesser of two evils when it comes to copying that coveted Apple design styling. Indeed, no one is going to mistake the S6 Edge for an iPhone, and we consider that a good thing.

Cutting Edge of Design

The S6 Edge is a stunning luxury smartphone whose premium build quality and eye-catching curved glass screen have us asking why Samsung bothered to make the flat S6 at all. In short, the S6 Edge is exactly what you'll want to get to quell your associates comments on how much your Samsung looks like their iPhone.

Speedy and Productive

The S6 Edge speeds along with Samsung's own 8-core Exynos 7 Octa 7420 processor. The glorious 5.1" quad-HD display (2560x1440 at 577ppi) pops with astounding clarity and polishes it off with with a full 3GB of RAM, for all that advanced multitasking your iPhone-loving colleagues will envy.

No Strings Attached

The S6 Edge looks especially good on some of the up-market wireless chargers, of which you have your pick of any QI or Powermat technology. Samsung has introduced industry-first in-built wireless charging that works with both Qi and Powermat, so no matter which wireless charging devices you use encounter, it's guaranteed to work. This is a welcome step forward and may mean that we see more wireless charging pads built into desks, and first class airline tables.

Professional Photos and Video

Your photos will look extra crisp with a 16MP camera capable of capturing 4K video (3840 x 2160) at an impressive 30fps with slow-motion available at lower resolutions. Lack of micro-SD card may be an issue if one plans to capture more than a passing moment, with 4K video eating a substantial 500MB per minute. Although the glass-backed build quality has never looked better in a phone, the lack of replaceable battery may leave you searching for a charger.

Curved and Catching

The curved screen is certainly a head-turner and one might think it just for show. We were pleasantly surprised to find added an advanced functionality to the screen edges, which includes colour notifications that allows one to assign a colour to each important contact, and the phone will display that colour along the edge when the phone is politely face-down in business or board meetings.

The Perfect Fit

Our luxury line of s6 Alston Craig cases leave open the edges to take full advantage of the new screen functionality, and the glossy fit and finish of the genuine vintage leather reflects the notification colours nicely, though discreetly so you can take advantage of the new feature without being called out on using it nefariously.