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Samsung Galaxy S7

Curved for style

Picking out fact from fiction about the upcoming s7 can prove difficult. Some sources are predicting a flat-screen version of the s7, while others predict the flat screen will be replaced altogether following stronger Edge sales figures. If course, whether or not a curved phone screen is your forte, we have to admit they are pushing the boundaries with these new designs.


Current rumours indicate a strong likelyhood of a 5.2in diagonal screen being a staple feature of the s7 series, pushing the pixel threshold at around 577ppi (resolution of 1440x2560), making the device the same resolution as high-end Quad HD television. Stunning though the figures certainly are, whether this is at all useful to you will depend on if you fancy your phone as a VR headset. Gear VR made waves in competition with headsets such as the Microsoft Halo, and of course the ubiquitous Occulus Rift. While not something we would recommend wearing in public, the Gear VR offered a high-end immersive experience, at just below the pixel resolution you'd like. At 577ppi, it probably shouldn't matter anymore, giving a much cleaner experience if you're inclined to attach your phone to your face.

Pro phone-tography

We were concerned that the only improvements might be novelty, however diving deeper into the specs, one comes up with an excellent 2.2ghz processor (placing it a hair above even the Apple iPad Pro for raw horsepower) to smoothly fill that HD screen with your content. We suspect the device will need it as the North Korean company is upping the ante for phone pixel resolution to 20 megapixel pictures. Given recent improvements in camera quality, we are looking forward to the no-doubt mind-blowing DSLR-like photos with a rumored support for RAW image data, making it a suitable replacement for a DSLR in the pro-sumer photography market. Image processing should be blazing fast with included 4 GB of RAM (which is the same as iPad Pro).

The new standard

As hard as it is to fathom, Sammy may actually beat Apple to the new USB C port. Sure, it's present on the New Macbook, but has not yet make it to their flagship phones. If true, this is a major step into an era where cable type no longer matters, allowing everyone to interchangeably charge their phones regardless of manufacturer. Fast-charging tech is supported by the new standard, so we look forward to a universal move towards convergence.

A force to contend with

Samsung taking cues from other tech giants, design-wise isn't going to surprise anyone, and with a new patent for "Clear Force", which is their answer to Apple's Force Touch, we should see the feature make it to new flagship phones such as the s7. Whether they can implement it in time should be an interesting matter, merely a month away from it's WMC announcement.

A case of envy

Whether they go with the curved screens or flat (or both), we will have Alston Craig cases to meet the needs of discerning customers. With Samsung pushing the envelope of manufacturing quality, they earn a place in our range of cases for premium smartphones. Designed to fit the contours of your premium device, our uniquely classic style is sure to compliment and enhance your day-to-day mobile experience.